WFGA Firearms Range

  • Located at municipal border and east side of Hwy. 32.
  • Approved for rifle, pistol, and shotgun (no aerial targets)
  • Two 100 yard rifle butts
  • 50 yard pistol range, movable targets in tin shed
  • 100 yard range also approved for shotgun
  • Access code provided on purchase of range pass

Firearms Range Rules

  • Only members of the Whitecourt Fish and Game Association are permitted to use this Range.
  • Any exceptions to Firearms Range Rules must be approved by the WFGA executive.
  • Range may only be used from 7 AM to 10 PM during daylight hours.
  • The Range access gate must be closed and locked upon entering or leaving the property.
  • The speed limit for any vehicles within this range is not to exceed 3 km/hr.
  • All persons utilizing this Range must immediately sign the "Log in Sheets” located at the Pistol or Rifle Ranges.
  • Upon request you must produce your WFGA membership and Range Pass to the WFGA Firearm Range Chairperson or to any member of the WFGA Executive.
  • The red flag must be raised when the Range is in use.
  • Only Paper Targets are authorized for use at this Range.
  • Shooting bottles, cans or anything other than Paper Targets is prohibited.
  • Trap or Skeet shooting is prohibited.
  • Aerial targets of any kind are prohibited.
  • All bullets are to be directed into the Dirt Berms behind the Target Butts.
  • When at the firing line the muzzle of the Firearm must be pointed downrange.
  • When not in use, firearms are to be unloaded and returned to your vehicle or unloaded with actions open and placed in Firearm Racks or left on shooting tables unloaded with actions open and pointed downrange.
  • Do not proceed downrange or be ahead of the Firing Line until:
  • (1) - all shooting has ceased.
    (2) - Firearms have been unloaded with actions open and placed in Firearm racks or left on shooting tables pointing downrange.
    (3) Everyone at your particular range has declared the Range safe.
  • Hearing and Eye Protection must be worn when shooting.
  • No live ammunition to be placed in trash.
  • You must remove your targets and spent casing when finished shooting.
  • Place all trash in Garbage Receptacle. (Red Bin)
  • Absolutely no alcohol or cannabis permitted on range property.
  • Anyone who is impaired by alcohol or drugs is prohibited from being on Firearms Range property.

  • NOTE - Failure to comply with any of these Range Rules could result in your eviction from the Firearms Range and cancellation of your Range Pass for a specified period of time or for life.

WFGA Archery Range

  • Located 10 km west of town on south side of Hwy. 43
  • Two walking loops of twenty 3D targets each
  • Fixed length bag targets
  • 5 bag target stations (10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard lengths)
  • 3D targets from small to large game
  • Access code provided on purchase of range pass

Archery Range Rules

  • shooting at nonregulation targets is prohibited
  • the speed limit on all range access roads is 30 kph
  • all litter must be deposited in the receptacles provided
  • the gate is to be left closed and locked upon entering or leaving the property
  • all persons using the range must be able to produce a valid range membership card
  • no usage of broadheads allowed
  • no usage of crossbows allowed
  • no alcohol

Members will receive 5% discount on bows and 15% discount on arrows at Accurate Archery, located in the town of Alberta Beach. Members must produce a current WFGA membership card in order to qualify for the discount.